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At E.L. Morse Lumber we offer a variety of sizes and styles in both interior, exterior and commercial doors. From fiberglass entry doors to Masonite interior doors, we have a great selection of doors available. We offer an extensive line of pre hung units, hinge and bore prepped slabs and un-prepped slabs making the installation for our customers easier and more convenient. Some popular exterior doors available through E.L. Morse Lumber consist of steel, fiberglass, both smooth and wood grain, and of course solid wood entry doors. Fiberglass entry doors have the option to be pre-finished or stain/paint ready making any customer’s preference available. Pine, lauan, birch and masonite are just a few of our interior door offerings, with options of solid or hollow core depending on the specific make, style and construction requirement.

E.L. Morse Lumber looks forward to assisting you with all your project and renovation needs!

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At E.L. Morse Lumber we help to make it easy for you to choose the right products for your project.

Check out the buying guide to learn more before you buy.
At E.L. Morse Lumber we make it easy for you to choose the right products for your project...